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Economic - 2015 Real GDP

Resources – Low Oil Prices, Impacted by China’s lower demand

• "China - In the mid-00s, China accounted for 40% to 50% of world demand for most commodities. With China’s slowdown, prices for raw materials worldwide are in the doldrums." Source: Daily Commercial News


• "Many emerging market and developing nations — ranging from the Asia-Pacific region to Latin America — are being negatively affected by the combination of the slowdown in China, the decline in commodity prices, persistent U.S. dollar strength, and the intensifying weakness in currency and financial markets." Source: Scotiabank


• "More advanced economies — including Canada, Mexico and Australia — are also being squeezed by the investment, output and employment adjustments needed to rebalance operating conditions to the new reality of oversupply, lower prices and reduced earnings." Source: Scotiabank



Demographics – Population Growth/Rate of Increase, Aging, Refugees

• "The developed world’s workforce will start to decline next year (2016), threatening future global growth." Source: WSJ 2050


• "Next year (2016), the world’s advanced economies will reach a critical milestone. For the first time since 1950, their combined working-age population will decline, according to United Nations projections, and by 2050 it will shrink 5%. The ranks of workers will also fall in key emerging markets, such as China and Russia. At the same time the share of these countries’ population over 65 will skyrocket."

Source: WSJ 2050


Politics – Separatist Movements, Conflict

• Canada - Helping to sustain Canada’s growth this year and next are elevated infrastructure commitments from Ottawa and the majority of the Provinces. Source: Scotiabank


• Alberta - Carbon plan a major pivot in environmental policy


• U.S. – Political gridlock in Washington.

Future -  GLOBAL Construction Outlook

• "The global market is forecast to grow 85% to $17.5 trillion, accounting
    for almost 15% of world output by 2030."
Source: Global Construction 2030


• "Overall, construction activity is expected to grow by an average of
    3.9% per year, more than a percentage point faster than GDP."
Source: Global Construction 2030


• "Top three nations – China, US and India – account for 57% of global
    growth in construction to 2030."
Source: Global Construction 2030


• "Construction to account for 14.7% of global GDP in 2030."
    Source: Global Construction 2030

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